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Fox Products Corporation

Makers of what I consider to be the best bassoons in the world today.
Plus, they're all really nice people

Preston Hubbard

My brother Preston's site. Go read about his life as a rock bass player
and be glad you play the bassoon. (or not) LOL!

W.O.Smith Music School

My buddy Jonah Rabinowitz is the Executive Director of this school in Nashville.
It is a music school for underprivileged kids. Check it out. Make a donation.

Boston Woodwind Society

A great resource for all things pertaining to Woodwinds.
Matthew Ruggiero is the founder and President. Make a donation.

Waterville Valley Ski Resort

I'm a ski instructor here. It's a great place to ski despite that fact.
Lots of variation in the terrain. Come on up and ski with me. (Or without me)

Pope Instrument Repair

Ken Pope's site. Good site if you're a brass instrumentalist, but then, why would you be looking at my site? Kenny does make nice bocal patches and is a good horn player. (Is good horn player an oxymoron?)

Merriman Reeds

Sally Merriman makes and sells fine bassoon reeds.



English Bassoon Site

Ian Glen is a bassoonist and bassoon teacher in England.